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For Engineering Leaders. By Engineering Leaders.

Our Story

The complexity of coordinating multiple tools across different engineering teams and organizations leads the whole engineering process to become disconnected and difficult to track with data scattered in multiple places.

We analyze your digital footprint to show you meaningful metrics in one place and not only identify each step in the process but also help you visualize the flow of work as it moves through that process to help you find bottlenecks, root causes of deviations, work patterns, and anti-patterns.

For Engineering Leaders. By Engineering Leaders.

Our Story

It all started when we became fascinated by the idea of discovering, optimizing, and predicting processes by analyzing the digital footprint. The three of us have been leading engineering teams for many years at top technology companies in the silicon valley and have seen the disconnect between IT projects and Business, first hand, no matter what size the company is. These companies lack data-driven answers to how and where do they invest engineering resources today and what is the ROI on those efforts. The complexity of data from multiple tools used by engineering teams, and organizations leads to them becoming disconnected and difficult to track. With data and insights scattered, there wasn't a simple way to assess engineering teams' contributions to the business.

While you can get some activity-based metrics from existing tools, for example; lines of codes, pull requests created, or story points delivered, these don't correlate with business outcomes, and there was no way for product development managers and executives to get the end-to-end process insights and connect with Business objectives.

We believed there is a better way and that's when we created ProcessLabs.

At ProcessLabs, with one-click integrations, we collect SDLC and business events from all your tools, and give you insights like how your budget is spent across business objectives and engineering effort types such as new features, unplanned work, quality incidents and support. We help you do root cause analysis of delays and missed business goals, using an end-to-end process map visualization, where you can pinpoint and know exactly where are the bottlenecks, and how the value flows between teams to production, and many other key insights.

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A new way to optimize your engineering process

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